Another Good Friday

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Josh has seemed more and more upbeat since his two treatments started on Tuesday. Thursday evening to Friday morning were quiet, with uninterrupted sleep. Things went a lot smoother getting him ready for the day. His appetite comes and goes, so he wasn’t so enthusiastic about breakfast. While we were working with Occupational Therapy (OT), I asked if the hospital had any barbers who were on-site or who visited, and she suggested we take Josh out on a Day Pass. I said that this hadn’t been set up yet, and she offered to help get things going so that we would be able to take him out for a few hours if we wanted to.

Josh completed his slate of scheduled therapy sessions without issues. During Physical Therapy, they took him from one end of the floor to another, guiding him into an entirely different unit, and then back again. He made a total of two round trips.

Radiation Treatment

Friday was day four of Josh’s radiation treatment, and the second day that I took to the Spectrum Cancer Center on my own. With a little more planning ahead, we were able to get in and out without very much trouble, although I did need to move Josh into a chair temporarily so that I could find the other half of his seat belt.

I talked to the valet about pulling my car farther ahead when they returned it, so that it would be out of the flow of traffic, but in the end it just ended up pretty much in the same spot that it was the day before. The line of cars didn’t fill up behind us as quickly as it did then, either.

Josh seems to be handling the radiation treatments pretty well. Once we are in the office where they happen, it really is just a matter of waiting for his turn, and then waiting for him to be finished a few minutes later.

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  1. Sounds great Love hearing he is doing better each day it sure make me feel better also I’m his Grandma .

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