One Week Later

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The last time I spoke with Josh, I asked him if he wanted to to watch the new episode of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” that night. Not able to speak real well, he nodded in affirmation.

We often tried to watch a movie together during the weekends, and since the start of our subscription to Disney+ we had made it a point of watching their new shows together. Josh watched the first episode of “The Mandalorian” with me when it premiered, and we watched all of the episodes from the final season of “The Clone Wars” together. We watched “Wanda Vision” together, although he wasn’t so into that show. I always felt that any show or movie was special if we were watching it together, and hopefully he felt the same. Sometimes, it was as much fun to discuss the plot holes in a movie as it was to watch it. We talked about “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” for several weeks after we watched it in theaters.

I watched that episode of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on Saturday, but somehow it wasn’t the same without being able to watch it with him. It was a strong episode, though, and I think that Josh would have appreciated it. I’ll miss having him as a sounding board for all things movie or technology related.

Had I known that he was close to the end, I would definitely have stayed with him and talked longer. It’s hard to say what I would have told me, but I am sure that I would have thought of something, and he would have rolled his eyes at least a couple of times. I do take comfort in the fact that we had a lot of heart-to-heart chats during the last couple of months. I tried my best to share what I could back when it was starting to feel as if we were running out of time.

If given the opportunity, I would have told him that I understood if he had somewhere else to be that night, and that I’d wait for as long as it took for another opportunity to be with him again. I’m sure that when that happens, it will be like old times back when we exchanged Facebook memes, talked about politics, and discussed the latest movies..


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