December 12/19 Josh Update

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There is a lot going on involving Josh’s recovery, so I’ve broken everything down into categories.


The botax injection Josh received earlier this month started to take effect last week, making physical therapy a little easier. He has one more session of language, physical, and occupational therapy for the year. He will continue again with it in January once it gets cleared through insurance again.


This is the last week that Josh will be taking chemotherapy. As I’ve mentioned before, this is round six out of six, making it the last one prescribed by his doctor. There are a lot of different ways in which this could be interpreted. Let me just say that we are excited that he has made it to this point, and that our hope is that this cycle will be his last for chemotherapy. We won’t know for sure, however, until after he completes MRI scans in January and we hear back from the doctors about the results.

After so many months of chemotherapy as well as radiation treatment, it will be a huge relief to be able to hear the doctors say that he is done unless the time comes when he needs it again. Ever since March and April, I feel like we have been balancing between his rehabilitation and his fight with cancer, and I can’t help but feel like life will become so much easier when we only need to worry about helping him to get his abilities back.


We had been working with Shepherd High School since September to make arrangements for Josh to return to his classes. The staff has been very proactive and understanding about Josh’s situation, and as of right now he will be coming to school for lunch and one class starting January 6. This will give him some time to recover from his last round of chemotherapy, and get us past the busy holidays. The goal is to see how he is doing after a while, and then increase the number of classes depending on what he can handle.


Not purely a “Josh thing,” but I’ve been searching and applying to jobs in and around the area since my previous job ended at the end of October. The good news is that the jobs are out there. I know this because I get lists of them from the different online services I’ve signed up with. My resume is available at, and I can be reached via email at



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