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The plan this weekend was that Theresa, Kayla, and Elijah would drive up on Easter Sunday to deliver Josh’s basket. It was going to be a chance to celebrate Easter together as a family. Theresa was also going to trade places with me, and then I was going to drive home with Kayla and Elijah.

But, then the plan was changing as Theresa discovered that her car was leaking coolant. We weren’t sure that it would be safe to drive to Grand Rapids, or if she could depend on it to get her home when we switched a week from now. It seemed as though her trip would need to wait until after the weekend.

I shared the bad news with Josh this morning. It would be just me and him today. Then, Theresa called and said that she found a way to get to Grand Rapids. One of her friends was loaning her their daughter’s car to drive. They would make it up for Easter, but we wouldn’t be able to switch until she was able to drive up after her car was fixed.

They walked into Josh’s room at a little after 2 o’clock, with Elijah leading the way, then Kayla, and finally Theresa pushing a cart filled with stuff. We caught a bit before Josh was shown his Easter baskets. First, the one from us, and then the baskets from friends and neighbors from the community of Shepherd.

Josh was really surprised when he saw the switch and some accessories. He had been feeling a little low over the the weekend, so I think he really needed today to be special. I am grateful to everybody who helped make it happen.


  1. That is awesome! Shepherd has some really generous people. I’m so glad you got to be together for the holiday.

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