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This week Josh received news that we have all been waiting for since he began his first round of chemotherapy and radiation nine months ago. On Wednesday his doctor informed him that recent scans show that his body is clear of signs that the cancer is returning. This means that he does not need to undergo additional rounds of treatment. So, no more chemotherapy.

This is a major milestone for Josh. All of his troubles began last winter with the tumor which had grown inside his brain and was messing up his coordination. The tumor was 100% removed, but it had already done lasting damage. Even as Josh underwent rehabilitation at the Mary Free Bed Hospital, there were always questions about whether the cancer would return. This lead to the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy, followed by chemotherapy for another six months after he had returned home.

Josh will return in three months for follow-up scans, as there is always that chance that the cancer might return. But, for now, we can finally focus on his physical and mental recovery.

This was the second week of Josh’s return to high school. He has been attending Shepherd High School for lunch and one English class in the afternoon. This is the first step of his transition to a full-time student.

His physical, occupational, and language therapies will also resume later this month, so he will have full days of work between class and outpatient rehabilitation. Thankfully, the number of doctor visits will go down.




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