Infusion #1 & Radiation Update

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Just a quick update…

Josh went to the Oncology Clinic today for his first IV infusion of Avastin.  This is not a chemotherapy, but an anti-angiogenic. The purpose of this medication is to block the blood supply that feeds the tumors, basically starving them. This will not kill them, but will hopefully cause the tumors to stop growing or even cause them to shrink. The infusion process from check in to check out was about 5 hours for this first go round, but we may be able to shave some time off that for the next appointment.  He is expected to undergo these treatments every two weeks for the foreseeable future.  The doctor we met with today said his Oncologist had him marked down for a full year of visits, but that could change based on how the tumors are responding to the medication.  The doctor also indicated that although there are certainly possible side effects this medication could cause, it is usually well tolerated.  Fingers crossed this is the case with Josh!

One other piece of news is that Josh had his radiation sim done on Thursday. This involved making the mask and testing out the procedure they will use with Josh during his radiation sessions. They will be using a treatment called Stereotactic radiosurgery which is a non-surgical radiation therapy that can deliver precisely-targeted radiation in fewer high-dose treatments than traditional therapy. He is expected to have 5 sessions in total which will be on Monday thru Friday of next week.  We are certainly not looking forward to the long drives everyday, but at least it is for just one week.

Please keep praying that this treatment plan will work as the doctor’s hope and that any negative effects for Josh will be minimal. Thank you all so much for your continued support!



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