Seven Days to go

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One week from tonight, Josh will be spending his very last night at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital as a patient. Next Friday will be his last few hours of therapy through Mary Free Bed, last radiation treatment, and last dose of Chemotherapy for this cycle. Then, next Saturday he will be discharged in the morning and begin his trip back home.

It is a huge relief knowing that there are just seven days left before Josh will be coming back home for the first time since his tumor was first discovered in March. But, at the same time I know that there are a lot of challenges ahead of us, as Josh adjusts to being at home, as he continues to work on walking and as he works on using his right arm again. Josh’s fight with cancer will continue, but MFB has allowed him to gain back the abilities we often take for granted, such as walking or talking.

And, Josh deserves a lot of credit for the hard work he has put into his therapy sessions. Life has been super cruel to him these last four months with the discovery of the tumor, surgery, the physical and cognitive limitations that brought him to MFB for rehabilitation, and then over the last few weeks the start of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Despite it all, he has worked hard to gain back his strength and his mobility while maintaining a positive attitude.

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