Small Steps Forward

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This was another good week. Josh has been talking more and more, but struggles to remember the words for the things he is asking for. So, his mind needs to catch up with his voice. He has shown improvement in his level of comprehension. He has graduated to reading longer sentences.

Physical therapy continues to work with Josh on his right arm and leg. An occupational therapist walked me through a series of exercises she would like us to complete twice daily, to help strengthen his arm and help his brain relearn how to move it. He has progressed from the slide board from being able to “stand and pivot” when he is transferring from his bed to his wheelchair. I think that his trips on the lift are numbered.

His new AFO arrived on Wednesday. This is a plastic device that Josh would will wear on his right foot to help support him when he walks. He was scheduled to walk with it on for the first time Friday, but Physical Therapy discovered that its angle needs to be adjusted. The AFO is in all-black (Josh’s color choice) and I’ve nicknamed it Darth Vadar’s boot.

Despite the setback with the AFO, I feel more confident that we are approaching a point where Josh will be able to walk again.

Overall, Josh’s spirits remain high. He has a good rapport with the medical staff. Things are probably the toughest at night, when he has been having some trouble getting to sleep. Towards the beginning of the week, he has been complaining of pain but that seems to have diminished.

Yesterday, our friends the Hollidays visited. Kayla also caught a ride with them. It is always great to see Josh interacting with visitors. His face lit up when he saw them walk into the room, and he seemed to have a great time hanging out with everybody.

Based on the opinions of Josh’s entire medical team, he is improving enough that he could be out in six week, meaning that as of tomorrow (Sunday) he will have just a little more than a month left of rehabilitation. However, plans for treatment for his brain cancer are moving forward, and there is no telling at this point how it will impact his progress at Mary Free Bed.


  1. So glad to hear the about the super progress. I love seeing that smile on his face. Josh your in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on fighting, you can beat this.

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