The Battle Begins

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The battle against Josh’s cancer began on Tuesday with his first dose of radiation and chemotherapy pills. He seemed unphased by the radiation, but the chemotherapy was a different story starting around 1 a.m. on Wednesday. We repeated the treatments on Wednesday night, and with some small adjustments were able to ensure a much quieter evening.

Josh and I traveled back to the cancer center today for his third dose of radiation. This was my first time transferring him in and out of my car, managing his wheelchair, and escorting him to his doctor appointment on his own. It helped that the center has valet parking, but even then I felt a lot of pressure taking the wheelchair apart and then putting it back together again. And, then, there is remembering how to position the wheelchair and keep Josh from hitting his head when he is getting in and out of my car.

The worse part probably was leaving. While I was helping Josh get into the car, and then breaking down the wheelchair and putting it into the trunk, I felt very self-conscience about the line of cars that was forming behind us.

But, I feel like I am getting a little faster with getting Josh into the car and breaking down his wheelchair each time that I do it. I’m sure it won’t be long before it could become second hand for me. At the same time, I hope that Josh will walk again and that the wheelchair will be temporary.

While I was waiting for Josh to come back from his treatment, there was an older gentleman who received his diploma for completing all of his rounds of radiation. And, I believe that he is cancer free. I couldn’t help but think about a day when we reach that point for Josh. It already can’t come soon enough.

I am grateful that Josh has not had to fight this battle on his own. He has had the support of his mother and myself, of course, and is his sister. But, all I have to do is look at the cards hung on his walls to realize that he has an entire community of friends, family, and neighbors all rooting for him to recover. He have also been supported by an awesome medical and therapy team at Mary Free Bed.

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  1. Hi Josh, I’m a friend of your Grandma Nancy. I have been following your journey from the beginning. I pray every day for a speedy recovery! Keep up the good work!

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