A Good Saturday

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Saturday afternoon went well. During physical therapy, Josh practiced walking and sitting up during his sessions. He was supported by his friend Noah Holliday while his dad Louie and I stepped out for a late lunch.

The extra company was a good change of pace, and it was good to see Josh laughing and kidding around with the Hollidays, just like things were before Josh’s surgery.

Josh has physical therapy again tomorrow afternoon and then begins again with a fuller schedule on Monday.

He is slowly getting better each day. Each regained ability is a small victory. Today I asked him to squeeze my hand with his right hand, and he was able to do it, although it took a lot of effort.


  1. Sounds like more improvements every day. Glad to hear! Day by day, Josh:) Thinking and praying for you and your family!

  2. It is so good to hear about Josh and his improvements, know all of our continued prayers are working!

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