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Josh has stayed busy during his second week at the Mary Free Bed Clinic with different varieties of therapy–physical, occupational, and speech. I think that the aspect element of his condition has been the combination of not being able to do things for himself as much, but also not being able to speak. Of course, the whole purpose of therapy is to restore as many of his abilities as possible.

Last night, Theresa sent me a video of Josh speaking. This is something he hasn’t been able to do since before his surgery, although it was a single word, “Daddy,” and it was just a whisper. Still, this is a sign that his body is slowly healing, and that the therapy is making a difference. I think that the recovery will go much smoother as Josh is able to better communicate what he is thinking or what he needs. This is very encouraging, and quite an accomplishment for Josh.


  1. Amazing news! Keep up the good work Josh.
    Not all days will be great but, every day is a step closer to your goal.
    You have so many of us rooting for you. Blessings to you, your family and your team.
    HUGGERS from your favorite lunch lady!

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