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Just a quick update for everyone. Josh has begun to speak a bit more! I know Jon posted the other day about how Josh had said Daddy. At that point he had said 4 things verbally; Hi, DS (as in Nintendo DS), iPhone and Daddy. Then on Friday, he started saying some phrases and since then has added in new words as well.

In addition to the words above we’ve now heard;

“I don’t understand”

“Yes” and “no”



“I don’t know”


“Hey Google” — and it responded!

‘I love you”

And “Mom”

There may be a few others I’m missing, but it’s amazing how far he’s come in just a few days. Jon is staying with him this week and I’ve been able to talk to Josh on the phone each night. He’ll see his regular speech therapists tomorrow and I’m sure they will be excited by all he’s been able to communicate over the weekend. He still speaks in mainly a whisper and it takes him awhile to think about what he wants to say and it tires him out but he is making lots of progress! Last week his doctor at Mary Free Bed told me that she and his neurosurgeon had been talking about his lack of speech and they felt it might be due to the swelling that developed around the tumor, so hopefully this means that is improving!

Speaking of his surgeon, Dr. Madura stopped by last week to check in and he was pleased by how Josh was doing and how his incisions were healing. He will keep checking in on him as we move forward.

We also met with the Radiation Oncologist on Friday, even though we are still waiting for final test results on the tumor. He spoke with us about how his treatments would be once they started which will be awhile down the road yet. Hopefully this week we’ll get some definitive answers on what the tumor is classified as. It’s definitely taking a lot longer than expected due to the extra tests but i’m pleased they are being so thorough.

This week he also received a custom sleeping brace for his right leg to help him keep it in a good flex position while he’s sleeping which will help him stand and walk much better. He was also fitted for a custom walking brace he should get this week. AND he’s been being transitioned more and more from his bed to wheelchair and vice versa by use of a slide board instead of the mechanical lift. Lots more proof he is getting stronger.

Finally we wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for all of your support, prayers, thoughts, cards, donations, rides, and listening ears. They have helped us so much! We are a part of such a caring community of friends and family both near and far. We love all of you and want you to know we appreciate all that you have done for each of us! So, THANK YOU!


  1. Thank you for the great update, and so happy to hear of his continued recovery.
    Prayers for you all as this is a lot to go through, but you do have a lot of prayers and support holding you all in prayer.
    God bless you,

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