Happy Mother’s Day to an Extraordinary Mom

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While the goal of this website has always been to tell the story of Josh’s recovery from cancer, I wanted to take a moment today in honor of Mother’s Day to thank my wife, Theresa, for everything she has done over the last couple of years. When Josh was transferred via ambulance to the Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids last March, my wife was the one who followed with very little notice and ended up staying with him after his operation.

The discovery of Josh’s tumor also thrusted us until the uncertain world of medicine and billing questions, and Theresa worked hard to keep everything organized. A year later, Theresa has continued to manage Josh’s prescriptions and follows up with his doctors on appointments.

Now, with the COVID19 pandemic, closing of school buildings, and stay-at-home requirements, Theresa has taken charge of working with the boys during their distance learning

When we initially thought about having kids, I couldn’t have imagined the amount of emotion, pain, and hard work that it would require. But, mothers are expected to carry a heavier burden, starting with childbirth. And, Theresa has risen to the recent set of challenges, evolving to fill the role of nurse, billing administrator, coach, pharmacist, set designer, epidemiologist, gardener, and instructor.

So, thank you Theresa for doing everything that you do, and Happy Mother’s Day.

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