Josh is in the ER

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This week, Josh asked me to start leaving his shoes and brace next to his bed at lights so that he can begin putting them on by himself in the morning. I suggested that we could lay his clothes out too, and then he’d be able to get completely dressed. I teased him, saying pretty soon he wouldn’t need my help at all.

Things had been on an upswing up until this morning. Josh woke up needing to vomit at around 6:30 am. Even that seemed like a normal problem we could handle. He also said that he was cold, and when Theresa took his temperature it was lower than normal. But his fan in the room had been running and we gave him a blanket to help warm him up.

He had just been trying to say something to us, but it wasn’t clear so I asked him to try to repeat. He tried again but we couldn’t really understand. Then, he slumped over onto his mom. His eyes were open but he didn’t respond to us. I held him up so Theresa could call 911.

There was a point where he came back around. I said something to him, and he said “hello” back. I asked him if he had any pain, and he said he had a small headache. I asked him if he still felt cold, and he said no. Then a few minutes later he zoned out again.

Soon paramedics arrived and began taking vitals. He was transferred via ambulance to McLaren. We’re with him now in the ER.

They are getting ready to run a second CT scan.

We hope to learn more soon about what’s causing this.


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