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This is an update that Theresa wrote with more information.

Josh is at the ER at McLaren. He woke up this morning around 6:30 am and asked for help as he was getting sick it wasn’t normal vomiting mostly foamy spit. He was communicating okay and shivering. After a few minutes he began to get confused and couldn’t put his thoughts together. Shortly after that he went limp and vomited again and went unresponsive leaning on me. We called 911.

He came back around was taking again and then went back out and couldn’t talk or sit up.

In the ambulance he could hear me and look at me but couldn’t talk. Basically a reonset of the aphasia. He was responding partially and looking around. He said Hi once. They did note the left side of his face was drooping. In the spring it was the right.

Since we’ve been at the ER he has had 2 seizures and they’ve given meds for that. He’s pretty out of it now.

He had a standard CT and they are doing one with contrast soon. They also did bloodwork and are planning a chest X-ray as well.

He was perfectly fine last night. Laughing with Kayla just before bed. So this is all very sudden. We will keep you posted as we know more.


  1. I am so sorry that this is happening to Josh. He has been through so much. You all have been through so much. Fingers crossed that this is just a temporary set back, and he can keep on the track of recovering.
    Positive vibes and love to Josh and your whole family.
    xoxo- Michelle

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