Latest Update 3/21/2019

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Here is the update posted by my wife last night:

Happy to report that Josh is stable. Thankfully there was no blood clot, but what the doctor found was that cerebral spinal fluid had gotten into the area where the tumor had been but it couldn’t get back out creating pressure. They drained it, and put in an external drain as well as checked the one for his ventricles, He had a CT scan right away to make sure of the placement and will have a full MRI sometime tomorrow. We are back on the PICU floor at least for tonight, I’ll try do a longer update tomorrow filling in details on what led up to this, but wanted to let you all know how he is doing at this point.


  1. Josh is young and tough and a Morgan, he will be up and about in no time!
    Hang in there!!! oxoxox

  2. Thank you for these updates. We are continuing to send prayers for Josh and all of you. Stay positive and strong!

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