Josh is back in Surgery

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From my wife, Theresa:

I will fill everyone in more as soon as I can, but wanted to let everyone know Josh unexpectedly took a turn for the worse this afternoon and is back in surgery. His drain was not working properly anymore, so fluid had begun to build back up in his ventricles and in the space the tumor had been in the latest MRI showed bleeding or a clot. So they are going back in the same way they did last time. I’ll update everyone when I know more, he’s been in surgery for close to 2 hours now, so hopefully I’ll have an update soon, but please say a prayer for him.

We are currently watching for the results of the surgery.


  1. All of the Morgan family on Linden Rd are pulling for you Josh! Praying and praying some more that this is just hiccup or a footnote in the story of your life. You have many praying and sending positive vibes your way! Hang in there buddy💜

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