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Josh wanted me to share pictures of him in the new cap that I picked up for him at the Hope Lodge. Those of you who have watched our recent live feeds might have noticed that he has been losing some hair due to the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Last night he was wearing a hat that was custom made for him by our friend, Lisa. Now that it is June he needed something lighter, and the Hope Lodge has caps that have been donated for its guests to use.

Josh first started to notice that his hair was falling out a couple of days ago, and I know that it was bothering him. Last night he noticed the bare spots on his head as we were getting ready to begin our live video broadcast on Facebook. I offered to grab the capt for him so he could cover his head, but wondered if he would scrap the whole thing. Which, I would understand if he had. But, he wanted the cap, and he wanted to do the video. I was really proud that he wanted to keep going despite this new setback.


    1. Love the cap Josh! Last year I went through chemo & radiation at Lemmon Holton and I too lost my hair. I had quite a collection of caps. When my hair came back, it came in curly! Stay strong and I’m praying for you sand your family! Oh! And I love your videos!

  1. Looking good! Love the updates. I also love the smile. Keep smiling. I know it’s hard but you have a whole school/village rooting for you!😀

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