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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but please know that is a good sign! We are all hanging in there and keeping as isolated as we can so that Josh can stay his healthiest. He’s been out for walks but other than that he’s been lying low inside until his next doctor’s appointments. He’s enjoying his time playing Animal Crossing and getting back into his classes and supports with online learning.

Healing is still on going, which is a little more complicated since he really cannot get out for his therapy appointments due to potential risks. But I wanted to pass along to you one MAJOR accomplishment from today. Usually in the mornings we need to go in and get Josh moving for the day. Get clothes out of the closet and help him get his walking brace on. He usually can take care of the rest. But this morning before we could get into his room, Josh had got his clothes out of the closet himself (using his desk chair like a wheelchair to get across the room), got dressed and got his walking brace on by himself! He walked out of the room all ready to go for the day without any help and shocked us all! This is such a huge step for him!

Next up is a check up with his pediatrician next week and then in May he will have a day of full checkups with oncology, neurology, neurosurg and have bloodwork and MRIs done. That will tell us a lot about how he is doing and what the next steps are. And then in June he’ll have a checkup at MFB and a 3rd round of Botox shots. In the meantime we will keep plugging away in our new normal,inside another new normal.

Take care everyone! Stay healthy and safe and we’ll update again soon!

Including a pic from today and some shots from Easter and his appt in Early March at MFB for checkup and Botox #2.

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