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Update for 3/28 from Theresa:

Sorry for the delay in updates, but there has been a lot going on lately. Here’s just a quick run down of the past few days…

Josh thankfully hasn’t had a fever since Sunday afternoon.Tests showed he did have a bacterial infection, but the antibiotic he’s been on since then has been doing it’s job.

On Monday morning the doctor clamped his Ventricle Drain closed after noticing that the flow had started to slow down. It was so much easier having both drains closed since that gave him a lot of freedom of movement. Previously anytime he wanted to sit up/lay down etc we would have to call the nurse for them to clamp the drain so they could readjust the settings before reopening it. He was also cleared to eat regular food again and drink clear liquids. No straws yet though.

On Tuesday he got the drain in his resection cavity removed! One more step in the right direction. Josh was also very alert and got to shoot suction cup darts at the door while he was sitting up (with help) during his OT/PT time. He played with the gun some more later shooting the darts at the white board in the room. They also discontinued his day feeds so he would be more hungry to eat his meals and it worked. He also got cleared for all liquids now

On Wednesday, his 3rd and (hopefully) final MRI of the week showed that not much had changed, so he was able to get his ventricle drain removed today. He is now DRAIN FREE! This meant the nursing staff could give him a bath and wash his hair, something he’s been wanting to do for a very long time. He played a dice game during his PT/OT time today and sat up assisted for nearly 20 minutes. He also got all of his tube feeds shut off in hopes he would build up an appetite to eat more foods. They started a calorie count to hopefully get him off of tube feeds all together too.

Since both of the EVD drains are out they are making final preparations for him to travel to Mary Free Bed Clinic for inpatient rehab on Thursday! If it all goes according to plan we will be discharged from the hospital 2 weeks after we were admitted. It won’t be the last time we are here, but we are excited to be moving on from here for now.


  1. Such wonderful news! So glad to hear it. Continued prayers for Josh, his family and his medical staff; prayers for strength and continued healing. Stay strong – Stay positive.

  2. Hang in there Josh! So glad to hear things are moving in the right direction! Continued prayers for you and your family!!

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