Two Steps forward, One step back

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Theresa’s update from over the weekend:

2 steps forward, one step back. Josh has made so much progress over the past few days but unfortunately that took a slide back today, The morning went really well, he had an MRI and plans were made for tomorrow to take out the drain from the tumor cavity. By afternoon those got delayed when he spiked a temperature (at its highest just under 104.0) and became lethargic. His two amazing nurses for the day kicked into gear fast, got the neurosurgery team to the room as well as started sepsis protocol. They increased his fluids, started an antibiotic and took a ton of tests and a chest X-ray and did a CT scan. They also put the tube removal on the back burner and got Motrin and another dose of Tylenol going for him. Within a couple of hours his temp was down to 101.0 and then finally broke around 6:30 pm. He is resting now but at last check his fever was creeping back up. There are plans for another dose of antibiotic and most likely at least more Tylenol. If they give any more Motrin (which they will if they need too) that may eliminate the possibility of that one drain coming out tomorrow.

At the moment, we know the CT Scan was the same as the MRI from this morning so that’s all good, the chest X-ray also looked fine. So now we have to wait til tomorrow to see what the rest of the tests will say. Hopefully they can figure out what is bothering him so we can get him healed up from this.


  1. Still praying for Josh. Sounds like he is in good hands with his medical team. Praying for more steps forward in recovery. Recovery is never a straight line, always ups and downs.

  2. Hanging in there is hard work. God has you all in His majestic hands. Let them comfort you. God bless

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