October Update

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We are slowly counting down the months before Josh will be done with chemotherapy and, hopefully, cancer-free. So far, out of the six total cycles that were prescribed, he has completed the first three and has three left. This means that he will complete his last cycle around December.

We had another scare a couple of weeks ago when Josh experienced some seizures. He was treated at the ER in McLaren Hospital and then transferred to Devos in Grand Rapids for an MRI. Part of me felt like we were reliving the week in March when all of this started. Although the ride to Grand Rapids via ambulance was new, I had taken Josh to the ER at Devos Children’s Hospital before, so that was familiar. He ended up staying in the hospital until Sunday afternoon.

Josh was back to his old self by the end of last week, and continues to work on improving in all aspects.

We appreciate everybody’s support.

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