When it Rains . . .

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Tonight while I was in the Shepherd Middle School, I noticed that there were inspirational posters displayed on the doors to the toilet stalls in the men’s bathroom. I thought it was a great idea.

After eleven years spent working at EduGuide, this is how my brain has been wired. Things that I see outside, in businesses, in schools, on TV, or on the Internet spark new thinking or feel like a clue for a new idea that could help us achieve our goals. I don’t remember when it happened, but there was a point where the line between me as a person and me as an employee became blurred, and I just thought about work all of the time. Not in an obsessive way, but more out of a sense of curiosity, like someone who always feels compelled to pick up a lost penny wherever they go. If ideas were pennies, I’d have a whole drawer of them in my office.

But, tonight I stopped myself from taking note of the posters because I realized that in a few weeks I wouldn’t have anybody to share my ideas with. Last Friday, my manager met with me and explained that I was being let go, and that my employment with EduGuide will end after October. EduGuide understands the burden this puts us under, and has done everything they can to help out, but right now I am scrambling to find a new full-time job.

I’ve lost jobs before, but never after being in a position for so many years. When I started at EduGuide, Kayla was in Kindergarten, and Josh was in preschool. Elijah wasn’t even in the picture yet. Of course, when I stared at EduGuide, it was at the end of another period of unemployment. I didn’t even know how long I would last, and wouldn’t have imagined how much could happen — both good and bad — during the next ten years or so.

During my time with EduGuide, I gained experience in a lot of different areas, That was the nature of the job. Over the years I handled quality assurance testing for the website, user support, project management, business writing, copy editing, business communications, bug tracking, video production, organizing webinars, and on-site consulting, to hit on only the high points. I’m eager to bring more of the same to a new employer, but am also open to trying new things.

I wanted to get the word out and ask for help finding leads on job openings that match my skill set. Here is a link to my current resume if you are able to share it.

By now, I’ve learned that it is important to look at the big picture. Perhaps it was just time for me to move on from EduGuide and do something completely different. The timing could certainly have been better, but there is never a good time to be downsized.

In the meanwhile, I still have lots of ideas that I am waiting to share with somebody, when the time is right.


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